The KING LEUNG brand was founded in 2012 by designer King Leung. Before that, King Leung, as an artist and designer, designed and produced high-end customized jewelries, serving clients who recognize and appreciate her work.


For further brand development, New York company KING LEUNG CULTURAL AND ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNICATION CO., LLC and Hong Kong company KING LEUNG CULTURAL AND ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED were established at the same time in 2017. KING LEUNG has always been dedicated to build a cultural bridge between the Eastern and Western. Therefore, KING LEUNG does not only focus on the fashion design industry, but also on art curation, space design, and music concerts.


The collections under KING LEUNG include: KING LEUNG haute couture, KING LEUNG fine jewelry, KING LEUNG art jewelry, KING LEUNG ready to wear, and KING LEUNG fashion jewelry


KING LEUNG, as the brand under KING LEUNG company, aims to become the bridge between Eastern and Western culture; traditional and modern jewelry; increasing consuming ability and relatively lagging artistic taste. Instead of using the stereotype of the Oriental culture like phoenix and dragon, we hope to convey Western world the quintessence of Eastern culture and aesthetics while absorbing the concept of contemporary aesthetics from them. Furthermore, inspired by traditional jewelry and infused with modern elements, we seek to connect traditional, contemporary, and modern jewelries and accessories. Last but not the least, we commit to design and conduct extraordinary works that combines sense of artistic and customer’s desire to buy, bridging the gap between growing power of consumption and comparatively backward design.